Sonia Self Portait

Internationally known professional animé/manga illustrator Sonia Leong has more than 70 publications and appearances to her credit. Her latest graphic novel Manga Sharespeare: Romeo & Juliet recently hit bookstores. Sonia took second-place in Tokyopop's first UK Rising Stars of Managa competition and is featured in the anthology. Other competition achievements include winner in NEO Magazine's 2005 Manga Competition and judging for the International Manga and Animé Festival (IMAF), which has an $85,000 UDS prize fund.

Sonia designed the official mascot for leading graphics tablet manufacturer Wacom and its European manga campaign. Her work is also appearing in an upcoming British movie Popcorn directed by Darren Paul Fisher. Sonia is a core member of Sweatdrop Studios, the UK's leading Manga collaborative and was the head contributor to their book Draw Manga from New Holland Publishers.

Sonia loves reading manga, watching animé, playing video games, singing classical opera and j-pop, home baking and oriental cooking (Chinese, Thai, and Japanese), Gothic Lolita, Punk, Victorian fashions, and collecting weapons. She was captain of her high school fencing team.